First time visitors to Smog City will want to check out the many things that affect the air you'll breathe during your visit. The following self-guided tour will take you to the Weather and Population Control Centers, and to factories and manufacturers who make consumer products sold and used by Smog City citizens. Look to the sky where you'll see planes and jets traveling overhead. Down on street level you'll see cars, trucks, and trains traveling through Smog City.

What You'll Need

- PC or MAC computer
   Minimum Requirements:
        Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape 3.0
        600 x 800 pixels

- A desire to learn more about air pollution and what you can do about it

What to Do

Three major factors affect ground-level ozone in Smog City: weather, population, and emissions. Smog City lets you modify the environment by adjusting these factors.

1. Set weather conditions for your visit. Change the wind speed, the amount of cloud cover, the maximum temperature, and the presence and/or height of the inversion layer (the warm layer of air above the ground that traps pollution below it).

2. Adjust the population level to increase or decrease the number of citizens in Smog City from zero to double the current population.

3. Use the emissions controls to change the number of:

  • cars & trucks on Smog City roads
  • off-road vehicles (trains, planes, boats) traveling through the City
  • factories emitting pollution
  • consumer products used in Smog City

4. Start your tour. Click on Start to see how your choices affect ozone and your health.

What to Wear

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses on sunny days
  • A windbreaker on windy days